Wooden Kitchens:

In the beginning, the wooden kitchens were made of natural wood materials like (Oak wood – Beech – Musky Wood) but from the disadvantages of using natural wood in kitchens, that it absorbs humidity and water and it could be a place for insects. 

After that, there were other materials like Melamine and Formica then Post forming and now P.V.C which has different colors and glossy look. 

And now we have different ores like Applcash, MDF fiber, Counter wood, and grain wood) 

Types of raw materials for wooden kitchens:-

One of the highest quality materials and scratch-resistant with a strength of 4.5 Newtons. It is also known for its heat resistance, resistance to insects, bacteria, humidity, and water. 

An Eco-friendly product that is made of different layers. 

A scratch-resistant with strength of 3 Newtons. 

It comes in 26 colors. 

 One of the newest products comes in different colors. 

A combination between POLYLAC and Power Gloss. 

Heat resistant, scratch resistant with a strength of 5 Newtons. 

Comes in more than 45 colors. 

A high gloss product, heat resistance till 100 degrees, Steam. Water and humidity resistant, Scratch resistant with a strength of 4 Newtons. 

one of the best materials, it’s a matte material which comes in different colors, easy cleaned and anti-finger-prints. 

one of the first artificial materials in wooden Kitchens, anti-pressure, easy cleaning, scratch-resistant. 

A cost-effective, lightweight material, easy to install in your kitchen, easy to clean, and does not retain any kind of stains and requires virtually no maintenance.

An excellent product with superior surface quality with a hard-coated finish and anti-fingerprint effect, and its resistance to scratching and abrasion is much higher than that of matte surfaces.

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